Beyond Periods

Confident & comfortable period pads that care, designed for women by women.

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Our Products

Medium Comfy Pads

Box of 10 daily pads, 320mm long, designed for optimum comfort that lasts all day long.

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Large Comfy Pads

Box of 7 large pads, 400mm, designed with extra wings to ensure minimum spillage.

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Customer Reviews

Esther Uzodinma

It’s so beautiful to see unconventional products just like Aya sannitary pads, carefully curated to help us have a seemless period days! 🌸 🌺

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Pharmacist Joy

It's beautiful! The Aya large pads I got are the longest and most comfortable pads i've used. I love that when they say "long" they actually mean it.


She recently used the medium Aya pads and here’s what she had to say - “No flattering, I loved the medium and I’d choose it any day.”

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Aya's Mission

Deliver outstanding quality period products at an affordable price, because every woman deserves the best. Period.

our own unique pad design

Long. Thin. Comfy.

Our medium and large pads are both thin, come with wings and a very comfortable large back. The large pads specifically are the longest you'll find in Nigeria! Why? Because it's exactly what we needed - it gives you the ultimate coverage and comfort.