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Become an Organizartional Partner

Every woman deserves access to affordable quality period products. Whether at work, school or church, you have the opportunity to be a big part of a valuable network. 

We have co-designed Aya products with women in Nigeria and as a result were able to create a truly unique product the women in your community would be proud to use. Not only do our pads address the issues of "doubling up", but we also partner up with local artists to design the packaging which makes it so special and unique. 

More importantly, we're here to address the immediate issue of period poverty and the rise of sanitary pad costs. At Aya we will continue to offer premium quality at most affordable prices, and with your help we can make Aya accessible to communities across Nigeria by stocking product in your facilities

Who is the right partner?

1. Churches

2. Corporate Partners

3. Hospitals

4. Universities

5. Registered NGOs

What do we offer? 

1. Wholesale prices on Aya

2. Educational healthcare seminar for your workforce/community

3. Brand pamphlets on Aya and display support for your facilities

4. Featured as a CSR partner across our website and social media channels

5. We're open to more ideas!


Ready to join?

If you would like to sponsor Aya products for your office, a program, a donation event, or one off event, and/or a company that would like to distribute these in their workspace, simply get in touch via


Our Partners

We're just getting started! Ready to support the women in your community and workspace? 

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