The Care Network

Problem We're Solving

Every girl and woman deserves access to affordable quality period products. Whether at work, school or church, you have the opportunity to be a big part of a valuable network. 

We've designed Aya products with women in Nigeria and as a result were able to create a truly unique product the women in your community we hope would be proud to use.

We are the first in Africa to design a pad specifically to address the issues of "doubling up", and the very first brand to work with local artists to design our packaging.

More importantly, we're here to address the immediate issue of period poverty and the rise of cost due to COVID. At Aya we will continue to offer premium quality at most affordable prices. Where we need help is to create access across major communities, especially in rural areas.


Would you like to help?

If you have a space no matter how small it is, we encourage you to get in touch and hopefully become an Aya Care partner.