Meet The Inspiring Nursing Student Who Is Running Beulah Nation

Meet Dauda Hephzibah, a 300 level Nursing student, studying in Bingham University, Nassarawa, while running a non-profit initiative called Beulah Nation. She is focused on creating access to healthcare and wellness education to those who need it most.

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Are you ready to read this outstanding student/founder story and get inspired! Perfect. Here we go…

  1. What inspired you to start Beulah Nation?

    The world is void of love and empathy for people and my desire and passion is to bring love to the society.

  2. How did your last Pad-a-Girl event in Kaduna go?

    A lot of questions asked about menstrual cycle, hygiene and sex education. The community really shy away from these conversations, but that’s what young girls need more of. We had fun talking and I was really amazed about the questions coming from these young ladies.
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    I realized if we as parents, guardians and mentors, don’t teach them, trust me… the society will teach them the wrong way simply because we are running from these responsibilities. So The ladies of age in TKY water intake Magerio Kaduna benefited from this.

  3. Why did you choose Aya for this particular event? What was the student’s feedback when they received their Aya?

    Aya is an epitome of comfort, no itches, no discomfort, you can hardly remember you wore a pad because of the comfort. I love the packaging, it’s classic and has that golden feeling. Lastly the packaging is unique and different from other brands.
    Aya Care Nigeria Period Health NGO

    Those young ladies were more than excited, I remember a lady walking up to me to ask for one of the Aya for her mom. After using it, a lot of them asked, where did I get this from. Aya is really a good brand.

  4. How did the local community, for examples the schools, support your activities?

    They were very welcoming and hospitable, granting us access to the school, students and even assisted during the orientation to the ladies.

  5. What are your biggest challenges and how could people help you?

    One big challenge I have is not having the resources to help large communities. Having partnerships from other people ( Individuals, NGOs, foundations) will go a long way.

  6. What are your future plans and big goals for Beulah Nation?

    To keep building Beulah Nation to become a stream of help and love to nations, reaching out to less privilege communities.

    Aya Care Nigeria Period Health NGO

  7. Looking back, what was the most memorable moment in your journey of setting up Beulah Nation?

    The smiles I see in the faces of those who have benefited and the expression during our interaction whenever we meet. That homely atmosphere is my most memorable moment.

  8. Message to others: what advice would you give to others who are inspired to organise similar initiatives in their communities?

    Love is the greatest action that will keep us strong in latter years to come, so please show love to people not because you will be loved in return but it’s a necessity. If you are hoping to start, start now, start fast. The world needs people like you. Remember you are Gods expression of his love and Glory on earth.

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